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Personal Information 

* * Work Experience *
I am working as a Software Consultant (GUI), with experience in design, development and implementation of Client/Server applications using Visual Basic, Oracle 7.x, SQL Server and Access. Experience includes working with Oracle Objects for OLE, and developing front-end applications with Graphical User-Interface (GUI), using Visual Basic 4.0/5.0 and Access 95, Web development using html, Java/VB Script, Front Page and other internet tools.
* Education in US *
I graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park (UMCP) with Master's Degree in Engineering.

My Favorite Links
* Maryland * Baltimore * Washington, D.C.
* Ocean City * Beach Net * BWI Airport
* Education in India *
I graduated from the B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bangalore, with Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. I rate it as best college in Bangalore for Undergraduate Engineering. I am proud to be an Alumni of B.M.Srinivasiah College of Engineering (B.M.S.C.E.)
* About my City (Bangalore) *
I am from Bangalore , which is also known as Garden City. It is the Capital of Karnataka state, India. After living in Bangalore for last 25 years, I feel that Bangalore "is one of the best city to live in the country. Besides its Cosmopolitan outlook & its uniqueness, the city has one of the country's finest research institution Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Bangalore is also called the Silicon Valley of India, also check out Megha (Bangalore Digital Netway).
* by Bhagavan Neel *
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